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New R:ILPERSONA: Episode 4.13 "The Supreme Commander" Part 1!

We're back! Today begins the final 3 installments of R:ILPERSONA Episode 4 (which can be downloaded in full for just $1 at our download store or purchased in tradepaperback form), where we finally get to meet Rade & Strykes' superior and the leader of their faction, The Supreme Commander: Bernael Crawley. Click here to read all the fun stuff!

I also would like to congratulate the two winners of our Amazon gift card contest, mowmowstar & kirbyyiffer6! Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll be doing another giveaway soon, involving something cool from Fandango!

We'll be attending Newark Comic Con, in Newark, NJ this Saturday August 20th from 9am-8pm. Click here for information about the event. Come by, say hi and make sure you get your tradepaperback copies of R:ILPERSONA Volume 1 as well as Episodes 3 and 4! We'll also have art prints, bookmarks and other stuff for you. 

With Episode 4 winding down, I'm excited for you all to read the upcoming 5th Episode of R:ILPERSONA, "Isn't This A Lot Better?", the 3rd chapter of The High Places & Principalities Saga, which will be serialized here on from September 7th to November 23rd, 2016, and we'll be introducing you to more new characters! Meanwhile, behind the scenes we're well underway with future episodes, so please keep checking back with us and please share our series with your friends! Thanks for reading, see you next Wednesday.

-Starlight City Pro, author of R:ILPERSONA.
  • August 17, 2016