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New R:ILPERSONA Episode Alert!

Hey everyone, we're back again with the penultimate installment of R:ILPERSONA Episode 4! Check it out here now: !
Next week will mark the end of this Episode 4, but no worries because we'll be right back at it with the opening pages Episode 5: "Isn't This A Lot Better?" on September 7th! You'll see some cool new layout changes as well to our homepage that we have in the works. In other news:
In other news, I'd like to say that our first convention experience at Newark Comic Con was a success!
^^shameless author selfie

We met plenty of cool people and new readers, and we did very well for our first time out! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk and buy books & prints, it was a big help to us. You can see more con related pics on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

I'm really excited for our next convention stop, and I'll be updating you all soon on where we'll be at next very soon.

Thanks for reading!

-Starlight City Pro

  • August 24, 2016
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