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R:ILPERSONA Databook Update: Herald Pyro

Hi everyone, we just updated the series databook with a new listing. This time, we've added an entry for HERALD PYRO, one of the High Dignitaries of Rade & Strykes' faction, The Holy Starlight Supremacy. He first appeared in Side Story Saga: 1.4: "The Law of Id" and he's also been seen over the last two installments appearing on hover monitors, delivering a sermon to the masses of The Supremacy. 

We'll be back Wednesday with a new Episode, but til then, there are TWO DAYS LEFT in our $50 AMAZON GIVEAWAY contest!!! We've reached a few hundred entrants, so please sign up to have a chance to win a really cool gift, as our thanks for reading R:ILPERSONA!

See you guys in two days when we announce the winners!

-Starlight City Pro

  • August 11, 2016
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