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Everything Suddenly Became Colder!! R:ILPERSONA's 7th Chapter begins today!

Hey everyone!!

Thanks for checking in with us for another week and the start of our next chapter's weekly serialization. Why waste time? You can read it right here

Next week, we've got an Amazon and digital download release coming with R:ILPERSONA One Shot #6, collecting our recently completed story, "Destructive Impurity" in it's original comic format. If you like reading R:ILPERSONA each week, either purchasing a digital download directly from us for a low cost, or supporting us by buying Kindle or print editions on Amazon, help us to fund the production of future chapters and pay for our server costs. We appreciate everyone who has contributed so far.

This is the start of an eventful spring and summer here on, as we'll have our 2nd anniversary giveaway contest coming up in June. More details on that and more soon. 

Til Next Wednesday,

-Starlight City Pro

  • April 26, 2017
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