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R:ILPERSONA's 6th Chapter Conclusion is out!

Hey everyone! I'm excited to make this update, since it's the concluding installment of our 6th complete episode! You can click here to read it.

I also threw in some cool bonus material, like some behind the scene sketches info reading Rade's concept and creation, as well as a trailer for the next storyline, "Everything Suddenly Became Colder":

As you can see, lots of crazy stuff coming over the next several weeks. This story, which is the 7th Chapter of the series, will run from April until August. 

Also, the collected edition of R:ILPERSONA Episode 6 will be available in print and for Kindle/Digital Download on May 3rd. More details next week.

Til then,

-Starlight City Project

  • April 18, 2017
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