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R:ILPERSONA Episode 7.2: The Daemon Seed Part 1 is out!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking back with us, R:ILPERSONA Episode 7.2: "The Daemon Seed" Part 1 is now available to read. Check it out here.

The Digital Downloads for R:ILPERSONA One Shot# #6, Collecting the last story arc "Destructive Impurity" will be available here on later today, and we've got it coming on Amazon and Kindle ASAP (approval process is taking longer than expected due to formatting, our apologies on the brief delay). Thanks for your continued support of R:ILPERSONA! I have to say that behind the scenes not only are we working on more content for the future (we're at least three story arcs ahead of where we're at now, by the way...) but also a special comic that will be the jump start for another series from our publishing company...I'll keep you posted ;-)

Til Next Week,

-Starlight City Pro

  • May 03, 2017
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