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The penultimate installment! R:ILPERSONA Episode 9.16 is now live (plus kickstarter news)


Hey everyone, we're back again! How many weeks in a row has it been since we've been publishing this comic? I've lost count. Either way its been a fun time despite the ups and downs.

So, this is the penultimate episode of R:ILPERSONA Chapter 9. Click here to read it, or watch it above on R:ILPERSONA TV (hey please subscribe! we want to get to 1k subs so we can monetize our videos to help support our production costs).

Also, we're entering week three of our kickstarter for our 3rd anniversary trade paperback, R:ILPERSONA Volume 1: The Etheric Mastery Edition. Make sure to check out this week's webcomic episode to see a special preview for it.

We're very close to our goal (74% funded with 15 days left to go!) so any support (rewards start as low as $2) or shares with friends goes a long way.

Okay so next week is the last installment of this current chapter, and it might be a bit NSFW but you won't want to miss it!

Til Next Week,

-Starlight City Pro

  • July 25, 2018
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