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R:ILPERSONA Episode 9.15 is now out! Also, week 2 of our Kickstarter!

We're back!

I hope everyone is doing well as we're in the middle of the summer months, right now is hot and humid where I live and I don't do so well with heat -_- 

Anyway, before I get to some news, this week's episode is now available! Either watch it above on R:ILPERSONA TV or click here to read it. 

So, we're in week 2 of our kickstarter campaign for R:ILPERSONA Vol. 1: The Etheric Mastery Edition, a 3rd anniversary collection of our comic's opening story arc with extra story content and chapters! I'm pleased to announce that we are already at 65% of our funding goal! This book is a must have if you're a long time reader of the series, and it's the perfect starting point for new readers. Please help us out by either supporting (and getting some cool rewards!) or sharing it with friends! Trust me, I understand if you are unable to contribute, but sharing it helps us out big time. Thanks for all of your support! To check out our campaign, please click here or click the image of Lyla and Rade above. Oh yeah, if you do get the book, you'll get to see Lyla since she is featured in the exclusive full color prologue chapter!

Also, we're winding down our current chapter, and there are only two weeks left. After that, we'll have a brief interlude week (with a special omake chapter) and then on August 15th we'll begin the 10th chapter of R:ILPERSONA, "You Only Call Me When You Want Me To Kill Someone". 

Well that's it for this week...stay cool everyone!

-Starlight City Pro


  • July 18, 2018
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