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Chapter 10 Concludes with FULL COLOR Daemons?! R:ILPERSONA Episode 10.16 is now out!

Ayyyyy lol hey everyone, welcome back! 

That's right, this week's episode is in full color. Just a teaser of what lies ahead in the future as the series will transfer to full color following the conclusion of Chpater 12...but um, yes this is the end of Chapter 10 so we have some ways to go. 

It will be worth the wait though, trust me.

Anyway, I've bored you all enough. Please feel free to watch R:ILPERSONA Episode 10.16, the conclusion of our 10th chapter, above on R:ILPERSONA TV or click here to read it.

As the year winds down, I'm grateful that you all continue to stick with this comic each week. I hope you're ready for what's coming next, because we'll be right back next week with the start of non stop battle action!

Til Next Week,

-Starlight City Pro

  • December 05, 2018
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