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And we're back! R:ILPERSONA Episode 10.15 is now out!



Welcome back! It felt kind of weird not updating last week, it was the first time that we took a break in 3 years. I think we earned it, lol. Thanks for your patience!

Anyway, I've kept you all waiting long enough. The penultimate installment of our 10th chapter is now available. Watch it above on R:ILPERSONA TV or read it on our website.  Please subscribe to R:ILPERSONA TV on YouTube as well, I've been working hard to get the entire series in video format on there and I'm getting close the goal.

Next week, the conclusion of our current storyline arrives and it will be in FULL COLOR. Just remember, we're going to be doing R:ILPERSONA in full color starting with Chapter 13, so please be patient as we continue to build this series into something great. Thanks for your support!

Til Next Week,

-Starlight City Pro

  • November 28, 2018
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