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The Diavolo Unit

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FULL NAME:  Elite Ether-Type Combat Squad: The Diavolo Unit

ALIASES: "The Starlighter's Devils"

STATUS: Currently Operating

DESIGNATION: Specialized Operations Unit

AFFILIATION: The Holy Starlight Supremacy (put link here)

CLASSIFICATION: Ether Types (put link here)



Master General: Orion Scythe (Member #1)

Rade (Member #6)

Strykes (Member #5)

Veren (Member #4)

Scythe (Member #2)



Z (Formerly Member #5)

Diavolo Unit Member #3

??????? (Formerly Member #4)



The Supremacy’s elite five man fighting team of soldiers with extraordinary abilities, used primarily for ground warfare, assassinations, and battling Ether-Type Soldiers from the Republic of Sol and other island colonies that haven't been conquered by The Supremacy.  

This unit is led by Master General Orion Saiph, and other than high ranking military officials, the identities of each member are unknown to the public and to each other. This is the most feared group within the Supremacy’s military, having eliminated several high level Ether-Types around the world. 

This is currently the 2nd incarnation of the group. The previous group was lead by Orion prior to him being promoted to Master General status. Scythe was apart of the group, as well as three other members, including "Z", who betrayed The Supremacy years before the story began.

The Diavolo Unit answers directly to Bernael Crawley.



-The original group was disbanded after Diavolo Unit Member #3 went missing following an ambush attack by The Republic of Sol in an attempt to destroy the team that led to Z's betrayal of the team.

-Strykes and Veren joined the new version of the team on the same day.

-Rade joined six months prior to the start of the series.

-Orion is the only member whose identity is public. He also is the only ones that knows the other members identities.



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