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The Seeker of an Ultimate Truth: R:ILPERSONA Side Story Saga 2 begins today!

Alright everyone, welcome back! Today is a big day as we begin this year's worth of R:ILPERSONA stories in earnest with the start of Side Story Saga 2, which will run from now until April 4th. This introduces a very important character to the series, and while quite a few mysteries will arise from this story, some questions that readers have asked will be answered (kind of, heh.). Either watch this week's opening episode above on R:ILPERSONA TV or read it here.

Things are about to get hectic as I have some exciting Kickstarter news on the way. Stay tuned, this year we will be opening up the world of R:ILPERSONA to even more readers and we could use everyone's support, because if it all goes well that means we can get R:ILPERSONA in full color sooner than expected. Details will be coming soon, thanks for reading each week everyone.

Til Next Week,

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  • February 21, 2018
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