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The "High Places & Principalities" Saga Concludes! R:ILPERSONA Episode 8.22 is out!

Hey peeps! Thanks for checking back with us crazy it is for me to believe it, we've finally reached the end of the "High Places and Principalities" Saga, a storyline that we started with Episode 3.0 two years ago. Either watch it above on R:ILPERSONA TV or read it here!

A lot of stuff happened behind the scenes both good and bad during the production of this storyline, but all of the time, effort and sacrifice was worth it! But, the main thing is that the team behind this comic (me and my pals at SKILL3) and YOU the read stuck with it! 

So, with the conclusion of today's episode, that completes our 2nd full volume of R:ILPERSONA! We'll be doing a KICKSTARTER campaign to do a complete print run of the book, which is clocking in at over 180 pages at last count (I'm still formatting it). I'll let you all know the launch date for the campaign will be so that you can get yourself the exclusive print edition of R:ILPERSONA Volume 2 and other rewards!

Next week, we will begin a full color epilogue to this story arc, which will set the stage for the 3rd Act of our saga, "The Instruments of Destruction" Arc! 

See you next week,

-Starlight City Pro

  • January 24, 2018
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