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R:ILPERSONA Episode 4.8 & fanart!!

Artwork property of Jonny Aleksey. All characters copyright 2013-2016 Starlight City Entertainment.

Hi everyone, R:ILPERSONA Episode 4.8 is now available! We're midway through episode 4, the summer is really flying by which sucks >_< oh well. I hope you enjoy the action and the entire episode thus far, we've got plenty more coming! I'll seen be giving you guys glimpses of our behind the scenes process and some non spoiler sneak peaks at some of the fun stuff that's coming up in R:ILPERSONA very soon! 

Also, check out our new FAN ART section! The illustration above is featured in it, and its done by the talented Jonny Aleksey, check his awesome work out here. Thanks to everyone who submitted artwork! If you'd like to submit fan art, check out the submission link on the page.

The wallpaper section is coming ASAP I promise, thanks for your patience. We'll be back next Wednesday as usual! Thanks for reading and keep on the lookout for more videos and extra content from the team here at!

-Starlight City Pro

  • July 13, 2016
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