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A Tale About A Red Eyed Witch! R:ILPERSONA Episode 6.9 is out!

Hey everyone, thanks for checking back with us for another week!! R:ILPERSONA Episode 6.9: A Tale About A Red Eyed Witch is now available to read! Finally, the story has now moved past Day 215 and we get to see more of Starlight City and the world that Rade lives in, but first we get a quick story about a character who appeared at the very start of the story, General Lyla Prestis (aka The Red Eyed Witch). 

Also, check out this great review we got from That One Comic Guy! I'd like to take the time out to thank him for reading and giving us such a positive review.

We'll have news about some of the comic conventions we'll be hitting up this year coming soon, as well as other great stuff as we continue to grow R:ILPERSONA each week and each month. Thanks for all of your readership, comments and support and please if you enjoy the series all we ask if that you share it with your friends!

Til next week,

-Starlight City Pro

  • January 25, 2017
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