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The 1st Story Arc Had Ended

Happy New Years everyone! The latest episode of R:ILPERSONA is out, and it's the conclusion of the epilogue and the official end of the 1st storyline: "The Identity Negotiation Arc". The story arc will be collected together along with other bonus material into R:ILPERSONA Volume 1, which will be on sale here and other places around the web in tradepaperback and digital formats on January 20th! 


As an added bonus, we have a special "Secret File" Episode with character profiles, and an Omake episode! I hope you'll enjoy!


Next week is a brief full color side story episode that will give you a bit of an insight into the world that Rade has awakened into, and it will set the stage for the beginning of the High Places & Principalities Saga that will begin on January 20th! Thanks for continuing to read R:ILPERSONA, and see you next week!

  • January 06, 2016
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