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Website Update 12/4/2015


Hi guys, just a quick update. We revamped the online reading experience so now there is a drop down menu on each page so that navigating between episodes will be easier. We also added directional buttons on each episode page for back and forward navigation, as well as sharing buttons for social media. Lastly, we also reorganized as few things to make the reading experience flow a lot more smoother, so you will notice on the navigation bar that the first omake, "Rade's Awesome Powers" is now displayed on its own Episode page, and the character bio pages that were published in seperate episodes are now collected as R:ILPERSONA Secret Files #1


We'll be updating the characters section in the coming days to reflect the two newest characters to appear, The Sol Walker Mech soldiers who are currently battling our hero (or is he a villain? Hm...) Rade in the recent installments. We're at the tail end of our first story arc, but keep checking back every week because the next storyline will begin on January 20th, 2016, the same date that Volume 1 goes on sale. We'll be running a free Volume 1 giveaway on our Tapastic mirror site for all subscribers on the week of 12/16/2015, so hey if you'd like a signed advance copy of R:ILPERSONA Volume 1: Identity Negotiation (which collects Episodes 1 and 2 in full, plus other bonus material) sign up and subscribe! We'll see you on Wednesday for the next action packed installment, and thanks for reading and supporting R:ILPERSONA!

-Starlight City Pro, author and creator of R:ILPERSONA.

  • December 04, 2015
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