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July 2015: The webseries begins


Hi guys, thanks for checking back with us. So far we've received a lot of positive feedback about the series, which we began posting weekly on as few weeks ago. Thanks to everyone for their support!

We've made a few changes to the website, and we've updated everything as we begin running R:ILPERSONA as a weekly webseries. Every Wednesday, a new installment will be posted on our website, as well as and Hopefully you'll choose to read it here first XD but as long as you're reading R:ILPERSONA and enjoying the story of Rade: The Assassin, great!

A few notes:

After some thought, since we'll be running R:ILPERSONA as a weekly webseries, the release date for the first volume (which will collect Episodes 1 and 2 in full, as well as exclusive extra story pages and other cool stuff) will be pushed back until the 1st qtr of 2016. We'd rather let the story progress and generate more interest in the meantime. That being said, we'll be hosting free giveaways on twitter, tapastic, and on here over the next few months, where we'll be awarding fans of the series not only advance copies of the first volume, but also exclusive prints, apparel, posters, etc. Check back with us for more details soon!

I wanted to show off this awesome illustration of STRYKES done by the talented Joanne Kwan! Check her art out here, and her awesome webseries Demon House on Tapastic. Thanks Joanne!



Finally, here's a little protip: The complete first episode of R:ILPERSONA is available for free download on Smashwords and Noisetrade! So if you'd prefer to get a sneak peak at what's to come over the next several weeks, or if you'd prefer to read the first half of the opening story arc in one sitting, feel free to check it out! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and read it so far, hopefully you'll enjoy and check back with us as we have lots more in store.



Well, that's all for now. Thanks to everyone who we've networked with over the last few weeks and again, to those who take the time to read R:ILPERSONA! See you next month!

-The Starlight City Project




  • July 21, 2015
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